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At Strategic Global Partners we work in conjunction with international private, corporate and institutional investors to provide them with comprehensive financial services, including portfolio management, investment research and trading facilities.

As your strategic advisor, it is our job to identify profitable investment opportunities while concurrently mitigating any risks, as we look to add value to your portfolio and make it more resilient against market volatility.

We provide our clients with direct access to market-leading platforms, analytical tools and integrated services, as well as providing in depth market research and tailored advice. Whether you prioritise risk, data, transparency, and/or complex issues regarding taxation, regulation or developing markets — we'll tailor an investment strategy that is right for you and structure your portfolio accordingly.

Our long-lasting client relationships are a testament to our continued success. We're proud that our top 100 clients have been with us since our inception in early 2010.

Our advisors believe risk mitigation is a vital aspect of ones investment strategy due to the fact that today's global financial climate and continued market volatility shows no sign of abating. By emphasising strong risk controls, it enables our advisors to manage risk across a broad spectrum — including financial, trading, investment, operational and reputational.

Through our industry partnerships and market data generated by our internal think tanks — we are able to deliver highly targeted research to enable our clients to make informed investment decisions.

Our comprehensive research efforts are at the forefront of the latest industry trends and best practices. In addition to our comprehensive market research, our global scale and perspective will enable our clients to stay one step ahead of the latest regulatory and market developments.

We do our utmost to avoid any of the conflicts that keep our competitors from focusing all their efforts on their clients' long term financial security. It is our sole objective to maintain our unique ability of anticipating industry trends and developing ground breaking products and services to keep our clients one step ahead of the competition.