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Strategic Global Partners is a preeminent international financial service provider with our primary offices based in Tokyo, Japan. Our corporate broking and distribution platform has been operating since our establishment in early 2010 and has grown exponentially in recent years, to cover all main asset classes.

In the current markets, a requirement to serve our esteemed corporate client base with objective and tailored corporate financial advice has become a necessity. The corporate division, here at SGP, will focus on filling this void in the market by (i) providing a full suite of corporate finance advisory products, including equity and debt financing to our small to mid cap corporate clients, and (ii) providing equity and debt advisory services for our large cap clients as well as private equity firms and other stakeholders.

The members of our corporate division also maintain an extensive global network of industry associates, in order for us to facilitate our international distribution platform which allows us to optimise capital formation across all tiers for our clients, in addition to underpinning all of our bespoke strategies and recommendations with highly targeted market research.

Our dedicated corporate finance team, also provide assistance in a number of key areas, such as:

  • Strategic and corporate advice.

  • Merger and acquisition guidance in both the public and private areas.

  • Secondary and primary funding advice.

  • Understanding and fulfilling regulatory obligations.

  • Flotation guidance and a route map to IPO.

We pride ourselves on offering a timely, efficient and professional service to our corporate broking clients to ensure their corporate goals are met and our strong track record of investment performance and client satisfaction is maintained.