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Strategic Global Partners is proud of the fact that we are an independent, service-oriented brokerage firm, employing only experienced, highly skilled brokers and market analysts whose knowledge, attention to detail, integrity and client focus provide the basis for trusted, long-term relationships.

Each one of our brokers is carefully allocated, based on criteria such as knowledge, client focus and prior experience in dealing with either private, corporate or institutional deals. All of our highly experienced brokers have advised multiple clients through all market conditions—both bull and bear—and through diverse economic cycles, building a loyal following and a proven track record of success in the process.

Our brokers work closely with each of their clients to fully ascertain their individual objectives and then determine the optimal investment strategy to deliver the required ROI within the given timeframe. Each of our brokers devotes the same amount of energy and attention to the structuring and management of each investor's investment portfolio. We recognise and respond to individual investment needs with tailored strategies.

Additionally each of our analysts have direct access to multiple, authoritative sources of market data, which enables them to provide an independent perspective on the current economic climate, business sectors and individual investment opportunities.