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Strategic Global Partners' comprehensive research department provide in depth analysis of the current economic climate as well as a diverse range of international equities.

Our analysts cover all the world's major financial markets, giving our private, corporate and institutional clients the comprehensive market research and investment recommendations needed to structure a balanced, robust and profitable investment portfolio, whilst also adhering to the individual risk tolerance of the client.

Our market research department is the cornerstone of Strategic Global Partners' brokerage services as we provide in depth coverage of a wide range of securities from various international markets.

Our market analysts are widely recognised as one of the worlds leading financial research departments. Major institutional investors rank us highly among our peers for our meticulous attention to detail, our accuracy in economic forecasting and for our analytical thinking.

Strategic Global Partners are able to provide our clients with comprehensive economic forecasts and analytical advice on potential growth sectors, companies, interest rates and exchange rates, in addition to a wide range of other financial and geopolitical trends. Our primary objective is to identify potential growth industries and securities and maximise the return on investment for each of our clients whilst mitigating any exposure to risk.

Our analysts are also highly experienced in economic research, regulatory changes and financial management. Our analysts are required to take a hands on approach to analysing key industry developments, through regular research expeditions and consultations with senior policy makers and business leaders around the world.